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Warehouse Structures South Africa

Steel Buildings are given various names, such as prefabricated structures, portal frames, knockdown frames and more. Being that they are “DIY” in nature, steel structures offer many benefits to the building industry. Not only are they faster to build, they are cheaper and incredibly strong when compared to conventional buildings.

Here are some key factors that make a steel structure the best choice for not just warehousing and factory buildings, but for aircraft hangers, agricultural farm use and even churches.

Fast Building Time

We understand that both for us and our clients, time is money. Our special steel structures ensure that no time is lost between placing an order and erecting your structure.

Custom projects may take a little longer in the design phase, but once the design is complete and the framework of the structure is ready, assembling the skeletal structure of the building is optimized.

Steel parts are pre-cut at our Meyerton plant and ready to ship. On delivery, erection is as simple as assembling a Mechano set, only on a much grander scale. This speeds up construction considerably, even extensive building projects can be completed in a record breaking time.

With the pre-cut building components being measured and checked at our factory, large amounts of time are saved on the building site. High quality control measures are taken before delivery. When the prefabricated structure is delivered to your building site, assembly is quick and efficient.


Building with steel is more affordable during the building of the project as well as in the long term.

Steel’s durability means it requires less maintenance.

Due to the steel’s ability to withstand the elements, including heavy winds, fire as well as resistance to pests and decay, makes steel buildings economical and cost effective to run.

All factors combined, steel is one of the most affordable and long lasting building products in today’s construction market.

Versatility of Steel

The versatility of steel is what makes it so attractive to both the industrial and residential market. It can be molded and shaped to match even the most creative of Architectural designs.

Beautiful designs can be created without compromising on strength and safely. Our secure and sturdy pre-fabricated steel structures also allow for the construction of large span building used in the agricultural industry and as aircraft hangers.

In the residential market, steel is successfully used to provide reliable support when replacing load-bearing walls. The smooth textural finish also adds to the visual appeal of a building and beautifully complements wood, brick and glass.

When remodelling, steel beams can also be run across the ceiling, allowing architects to open up a space without the need for a ground support beam.  The steel beams and supports also outlive and outlast wood equivalents.

Steel Structures are Eco-Friendly

Not only strong and durable, a well-designed steel building is also good for the environment. Made from recycled materials, steel can also be recycled at the end of its lifespan. So for those considering the construction of a “Green” building, think steel.

When combined with other eco-friendly elements like quality insulation, steel buildings are incredibly energy efficient. With clever design, steel structures can become comfortable residential homes. For the industrial sector, secure warehousing and factory space will allow you to get on with the business of running your business.