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Modular Steel Structures

Modular building structures have become increasingly popular because of the ease and cost savings that they bring to the building of a new structure.

Modular components are manufactured off site and quality checked before even arriving at a building site. All elements are pre checked and cut to meet the specific requirements of the building.

All cutting, welding and drilling of holes for assembly are done before the structure parts are delivered to the site. On delivery, project managers can focus more of thier attention on other parts of the building as the steel frames are ready to assemble.

Hough Structures have a range of ready made modular structures that you can choose from. This allows even more time saving on construction projects

We have 5 ready to order steel frame structures for clients to choose from. These structures are available for viewing at any time at our Meyerton factory. Feel free to visit us and let us walk you through the frame of your future construction.

Modular structures are ideal for use in a variety of industries including the industrial and agricultural sectors. They are also widely used as aircraft hangers and churches. As the pre packed portal frames need only be delivered, we can assist in getting your project off the ground in no time at all.

Click here to view our Modular Steel Structure pricelist or contact us directly for a custom quotation. Out team of professionals are ready and waiting to assist you.