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Aircraft Hangars South Africa

Hough Structures has a reputable name in the Aircraft industry due to the impeccable quality and workmanship of our steel aircraft hangers built throughout South Africa. We design and erect small and large scale hangars based on the individual needs of our customers including amenities like front-office, storage rooms and other facilities. If budget is a concern, we can utilize pre-designed aircraft hangar plans for a dramatic cost reduction.

How we Construct Aircraft Hangars

We are particularly focussed on constructing high quality hangars that will protect our client’s planes and helicopters from harsh South African weather conditions including hail, strong winds, and extreme sunlight.

With careful planning, we utilize the available ground space to optimize the floor space for storage and other tools needed to maintain the aircrafts.

Our designs are based around a modern yet practical aesthetic which looks amazing and will stand the test of time from an overall design perspective.

Contact us for a quote on the design and construction of your hangar anywhere in South Africa or neighbouring countries like Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia orTanzania.

What Size Aircraft Hangar Do You Need?

Depending on the type and size of aircrafts as well as the total amount of aircrafts you need to store, the size and shape of your hangar can vary dramatically. A helpful resource can give you a better indication of what structural and financial implications need to be considered.

For the most part, our hangars are designed to accommodate one or more aircrafts comfortably while still allowing significant room for movement inside the hangar, should the aircraft need to be repaired or stored indefinitely.