Steel Structures South Africa


Steel Structures are widely used in Southern Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Congo because of thier inherent strength,cost effectiveness and the short time required to build. The structural steel is used to construct a framework or skeleton of a warehouse or factory building. It typically consists of vertical support columns and horizontal roof beams which are bolted or welded together to form a durable and stable structure.

This style of construction is commonly used in the industrial sector for warehousing and factories. The benefits of structural steel are its high strength with comparatively low weight. Because of its impressive load bearing capabilities, portal frames as they are also known, can span large areas, allowing for large open work areas.

The size of the structure, however, does not affect its strength. Steel buildings are able to withstand impressive forces such as wind and even seismic activity. The addition of bracing to a steel frame further increases a structure’s stability against lateral loads.

As the steel building components are all manufactured and quality checked off site at our factory in Meyerton, it arrives at your building location ready  to assemble in record time.

Steel construction is also one of the most cost effective building techniques available. As parts are produced in numbers, including our ready-made structures, the cost to the consumer can be significantly reduced. Erection times are quick allowing a building to go up in a matter of days. This additionally saves on labor costs and allows building to take place all year round without massive delays that can be brought on by bad weather.

Buildings can be clad and insulated with a variety of materials. The structures are designed to be compatible with various types of metal and polycarbonate sheeting. Transparent roof sheeting can also be used to allow in natural light for warehouses and aircraft hangers without compromising on strength and durability. Contact us for a Quote